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The Forbidden Queen

The Forbidden Queen - Anne O'Brien Ugh! This is the third book I've abandoned in as many weeks. I don't know whether I'm just not in the mood for a particular genre, I'm too distracted to get into a book properly or whether I'm just picking bad books but it's unusual for me to abandon so many at once.

Anyway, The Forbidden Queen actually started off quite well, although I thought the chapters could have been shorter - sometimes the focus of the story changed at a point when a new chapter would have been better, rather than continuing with the current one. The story was interesting though and provided a good insight into a period of history with which I'm unfamiliar.

However, once Henry V died and Edmund Beaufort came onto the scene, I was suddenly transported into a Mills and Boon romance, with page after page (after page) of gushy declarations of love between Katherine and Edmund. I tried to stick with it but it was just too much. I even skipped ahead a couple of chapters, only to find they were still madly in love and I wasn't in the mood for it. The author has been favourably compared to Philippa Gregory but having read several of Ms Gregory's works and thoroughly enjoyed them, I'd have to disagree.